December 19, 2018

Hey! A few months back, I took a trip that was born out of a random airline e-mail alert and a tweet asking if anyone wants to come with me. I originally planned to go on this trip alone but I chickened out and I’m glad I did because my bestfriend came with me. It was just the two of us and it was scary at first but we managed to arrive and come back safely.

Being the young adults that we are, we knew we had to budget our time and money wisely. Since we’re spending our own savings for this trip, we really put a lot of thought into our itinerary. We were there for four days and would you believe we only spent 4, 000+PHP (150SGD) each?! We couldn’t believe it either but we somehow managed to survive on that. Let me share with you how we did it.

First off, that amount doesn’t include the airfare and hostel (it’s not just feasible). However, keep your eyes peeled for promo fares as plane tickets could sometimes take up a huge chunk of your budget. We also opted to stay at a dormitory-type room (also because we couldn’t get any solo bedroom when we were booking) which is definitely cheaper (and it gave us quite an experience too).

Prior to the trip we also booked ALL the activities that requires an entrance fee via Klook. So 150SGD was really just basically for food and transportation (but believe me, we also got to buy some souvenirs with that budget!).

We were lucky because our hostel accommodation came with free breakfast so we only had to spend for lunch, dinner, and snacks. We ate at hawker centers and we always split our food between us. Their food servings can be quite big and we’re not really heavy eaters. We got to try some Indian food (it was the only restaurant open in our neighborhood at midnight when we landed), Hainanese chicken, laksa, and their famous ice cream wafers. I wish we got to try their chili crab but it costs a lot (we really challenged ourselves to spend little. LOL.), and satay but we didn’t get to pass by a vendor.

We also took public transportation as much as we could! We loved riding the train! During our whole stay, we only booked a Grab three times (to get to the hostel when we arrived; because we were about to be late for a paid activity; and to get to the airport to leave) and those two times (from, and to the airport) were only because the train stations were already closed. We also rode bikes! There were a lot lying around and it turns out there’s a wireless bike rental wherein you can just leave the bike anywhere, which means you can rent a bike anywhere. It was such an ease to go around Singapore only if it weren’t so hot! We spent a lot on snacks and cold drinks for the airconditioning because of the weather.

The activities we booked through Klook are: Universal Studios (duh!), Tiger Brewery Tour (unlimited beer tasting!), and Gardens by the Bay (the Cloud Forest was such a welcome escape from the heat). We got to go to Bugis, Chinatown, Central Perk (my FRIENDS heart is so happy!!), Tiong Bahru, Haji Lane, Arab Street, and Merlion Park. It was also such an experience to walk along an expressway just to get to the train station (from the Tiger Brewery Factory).

This is the first trip where I felt truly independent because the previous ones I took were always with a group of people or with my mom. Singapore was such a good choice for our first out of the country trip together!

So, could you do Singapore with 150SGD pocket money? You sure could! Overall though we only spent around 20, 000PHP for everything (airfare, hostel, food, transpo, souvenirs). It was a nice experience that even though we put ourselves on a budget, we still got to enjoy the city. Singapore is honestly an expensive city but not so much if you’re going to be smart about it! Have you ever traveled on a budget? Let me know how it went! ✨ [Read my full post on this on: Travelista.Club]

All photos were taken by me and edited using my Singapore Lightroom Preset 💖

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