FACE FRIDAYS: Rose Quartz Oil by Always Sunday

November 3, 2018

One of the perks of being a med student is being around different doctors. Especially during labs, you can sometimes get a free mini consult from doctors supervising you. One of the many downsides though is med school can make your skin look like crap. I had the worst breakout of my entire life during the first year I was in med. And not just the typical pimples that would pop or dry out in a a few days, it’s the pesky cystic ones. So I had to change my skincare routine over the summer — i just double cleanse, moisturize, and put on sunblock. I’ll probably write a post on the routine that resurrected my skin from the grave.

Anyway, with my breakout finally tiding over, I now had to deal with ugly pimple scars. I stopped using serums and oils during the duration so my skin was also looking a bit dull. So one time during lab I was talking to the doctors supervising us and we came towards the topic of pimple scars (lol, I was ranting about stress pimples), and she advised me to use rosehip oil. I’ve been meaning to try this brand out for a while now and I found that they sell rosehip oil at such a reasonable price. I also read the reviews and it looked promising. So after two weeks of using this product, this is what happened…

Within a Week

I got two pimples the night after using the product but it also coincided with my PMS week (lol, too much info) so I’m not quite sure which caused it. I almost stopped using this because of the pimples but my sister told me to keep at it because it might just be a purging period since I’m introducing a new product to my skin.

Half-month Mark

True enough, after sticking with it for about 2 weeks, I didn’t get any more pimples. The label said to use it twice a day after moisturizing but by this time, I decided I would just use it at night. The oil does dry matte-ish but it takes a while before it gets absorbed, and I’m always in a rush in the morning because of school. Even when I only use it once a day, I was slowly seeing improvements.

One Month

After a month, I noticed my pimple scars starting to fade. It doesn’t work fast but it works well enough for the price point. My sister had also noticed that my pores looked less visible, and my mother told me that my skin looked better which is kind of a big deal for me because she doesn’t always comment on my skin. (Or maybe it’s because they’re family? Haha.) Wearing nothing but lipstick on my face in both photos and I’m really happy with the progress!



The Always Sunday Rose Quartz Oil does the job at fading your dark spots. It won’t do that overnight though but what’s important is that it works and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The product isn’t thick, and doesn’t feel heavy on the face. Plus points for the cute packaging, fast delivery, and that they’re a cruelty-free brand. I’m looking forward to try more of their products especially their Minty Matcha Face Mist, and Champagne Serum.

Have you ever tried products from Always Sunday? Let me know how it went for you!

[This is not a sponsored post.]

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