September 29, 2018

Two years ago, I started a blog and named it “Twenty and Lost”. I decided to go on a gap year before going to medical school, and although I had a fair sense of where I wanted to be, I generally still felt lost because what was I supposed to do for a whole year? It’s even more confusing to see my batch mates doing well in their job, having fun with their pay slip, and being busy doing something. I even though that maybe I should also start working even just for  a little while because that’s what everyone seemed to be doing. Being the stubborn person that I am though, I didn’t. Instead, I started to blog for real and had a lot of fun in the process.

Fast forward to last year, I finally became a med student. It left me neglecting my old blog and decided to just drop it altogether because I just couldn’t find the time. I also accidentally deleted the back up file of all my blog posts so everything I wrote two years ago, it’s gone. So this year, I’m taking this time to start fresh. I want to let myself be in a better place and I guess I’ll be writing about that in here.

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